#15 – How Funny Can Myths Be?

Very! If you let Rab Fulton tell them.

His regular pub is the Crane Bar

You find Rab on the upper floor every Thursday night in front of a crowd that represents nearly every flavour of the humankind. And rarely do they come for only one Thursday night.
It’s not just roaring laughter all the way through. You get you’re share of sadness and thoughtfulness. But don’t worry – after all you are in a pub. 😀

So, what does it take to make a whole crowd of different people be interested in and entertained by what you tell them?

Obviously, everybody’s answer will be different on that. Rab Fulton has a huge background to draw from. He is a stand-up-comedian, writes and recites poetry, has written several books on folktales and myths, leads workshops and – as I found out later – is just a very funny guy. Mix all that together, grab a pint of Guiness and some crisps and dive into some most entertaining Celtic myths with Rab Fulton the storyteller.

And there is even more to Rab’s telling than the obvious

We sat together after the gig. “Just for one pint.” Well, you know how well that works … Chatting away I learned that Rab added a few ‘pictures’ from other religions and myths from all over the world. But he did it so carefully and so respectfully that it takes a great deal of inside knowledge to notice.

That again shows me: We aren’t as different as we sometimes think.

A most entertaining lesson to learn! (And a far too short chat – will need to come back!)

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