Cara Silversmith

#18 – Where do you store your stories?

Well, I have to admit - quite profanely - they actually live in my brain. If my brain has the idea that this or that story is no longer needed, it gets deleted and has to leave my brain!
Even worse for me: I still have a good idea of the plots of most stories, but I have absolutely no recollection of how I have told that story. Which, in most cases means I have to start working on the story again from scratch.

With Cara Silversmith, it works completely differently

All her stories come from her heart. She doesn't have to 'dig out' a story with more or less effort. The stories bubble up when it's their time. And Cara knows many, many stories. Which of course means that Cara has a very, very big heart!

Above all Cara's heart beats for nature

Cara is from Scotland. You can hardly escape nature there. As a ranger, she almost automatically started telling stories. She has also done various educational jobs, especially for children. However, when Cara tells a story, it is not a lecture. When Cara tells stories, she opens our hearts to things that may need more love from us so that they can continue to help us sustain our lives. But maybe you won't even realise that Cara is performing these little miracles. Maybe you just realise that she enchants you with her wonderful stories and her big heart.

And then at some point you remember that tree you heard this great story about

... and wonder why you hadn't paid more attention to it before. That is 'story magic'!

You can see and hear many, many stories from Cara on her homepage.

You can find out much more about Cara and her relationship to stories in her really interesting podcast 'What of the Ground we are standing on?’

I owe Cara my favourite story of this entire trip

She told it 'on the spur of the moment' as we were on a little hike and walking past a rowan tree. This story touched me deeply and it instantly lodged itself in my brain, travelling up and down incessantly and has now made itself comfortable in there for the long term. This story will not be 'rationalise away' by my brain. Does that perhaps mean that this story now lives in my heart and is always available to me from there? I’ll check that when I hopefully meet Cara again.

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