#13 – Sean McCarthy Memorial Weekend Festival – Finuge, Co. Kerry

Another festaival! Great!!

When I’m thinking ‘festival’

... I’m thinking hundreds of people, lot’s of shows all over the day, big tents, campers, cars – something that looks like people being out there.
When I get to Finuge on a Saturday afternoon it looks rather like a ghost town from the movies. A small ghost town, mind you. Hm …

On Saturday evening

... it’s the ‘Ballad Competition’ and it’s offering really good price money, too: € 1.00 / € 500 / € 250 for the first three winners. The first ballad is just beautiful, and it raised the barre right up high. At least that’s what I thought. I soon realised that County Kerry values very different things than I do.

On Sunday evening it’s ‘Storytelling Competition’

South Ireland’s storytelling is different – yet again – from everything I have heard and seen so far. Here, a story can even be something that we would rather call a poem. But rhyme or no rhyme it must not be longer than ten minutes (or you will be applauded out of the room). Oh, and please no personal stories. But it may be rough, sexist, political, modern or even traditional. Like so many things it’s a matter of personal taste …

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