#5 – The Quiet Before the Storm

It has been rather quiet here for a while.
The details of preparations, the nerves, the up-and-downs of daily life – you all know that. It didn’t seem to be necessary to write it down here, too.

Far more important to me is to tell you about people, stories and other beauties that will cross my path. I’m really looking forward to that.

In three days I will start. It still feels rather unreal to me.
But, despite this sense of unreality, preparations are nearly done.
I decided on a slow start. The ferry will bring me from Calais to Dover on July 5h. That leaves enough time for a day in Bruges in Belgium. And it leaves enough time to maybe get a phone card and check the technical equipment for its UK-compatibility. It leaves enough time to get used to driving on the left-hand side.

The first fixed date is the storytelling festival 'Beyond the Border' in Wales starting on July 7th. Lots of storytellers from all over the world. Lots of stories.
What a way to start! I’m so much looking forward to that!!

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