#4 – Reality And Storytelling

In three months' time I'll be in the UK

... if things work out as planned ...

Anyway, it's time to arrange meetings with storytellers there. But that seems to be more difficult than I thought. Though actually that shouldn't be surprising at all. The life of a storyteller is a very active and busy one.

A good opportunity to take a look into a storyteller's life

Obviously, this is showing a storyteller's life in Germany as I haven't peeped into others yet.
Storytellers are wearing many different hats as we say. A bigger sized company would have different positions like

  • Book Keeping
  • Tax Accounting
  • Management
  • Acquisition
  • PR
  • Marketing

Storytellers do all that themselves. And let me tell you: The talent of telling stories doesn't necessarily come with the talents for all the other jobs.

Now we get to the actual story work.

For one grapping story I read about a hundred far less interesting

But when I found that one story the fun begins.

  • What touches, thrills, inspires me about or in the story?
  • How do I bring these aspects out - in an entertaining way?
  • Where does the story help us to escape and where do we identify with it?
  • What is the rhythm of this story?
  • What is its setting?
  • Who are the characters?
  • The voice needs to bei kept happy.
  • The facial muscles want to stay smooth.
  • It helps to keep the overall reception of the body alive.

This list could go on forever.

And let me tell you something else: This is an absolutely interesting, enriching and fulfilling work! Crowned, of course, when enjoying the fruits of this work together with the audience.

Is storytelling in Ireland and in the UK easier?

Is it more well-known? More widely practiced? More popular? Is it easier to make a living out of it?
That are some of the questions I'd love to shed a bigger light on.

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