#2 – No Roots No Crown

So, if this dream of mine really could come true then it's time to plunge into motivations and expectations.

Why do I want to make this educational trip?

There are of course a lot of good reasons and surely fun is one of them. But apart from all the obvious there is a deeper longing.
As far as I know the telling of stories has been a regular part of social life in the UK and in Ireland far longer than here in Germany. While here it has been reduced to telling of reading fairy tales to kids over there people were telling each other stories wherever they got together.
And was that really the case? Or that a cliché that keeps hanging around here? Or is it maybe still existing reality?

Whatever the answer - I am not after scientific findings. I have a longing for roots. Storytelling-wise. I am yearning for a deeper connection. For an anchor. For something that is hard to put into words.

And the practical side of that?

I'd love to meet storytellers around the country - visit them and chat with them. A standardised interview could be a good start. Maybe one or the other might even be so generous as to give me a story. In any case I'll have the mike at the ready!
And of course I'd love to watch my colleagues work should occasion and timing fit.

I'm interested in how each if them approaches their profession and what it means to him or her.

Storyteller aren't necessarily loners

On most occasions we are alone on stage (whatever form that stage has). There might musicians with us, but other storytellers are rare - where I come from.
And still or maybe because of that the exchange with other storytellers is extremely fruitful, inspiring and helpful. At least it is to me.
I participate regularly in different kind of gatherings, regional and international. And every time I am deeply impressed how much this effects my perception of storytelling and of course my storytelling itself. Everytime I talk with and listen to other storytellers the complexity of this artform and its worth for all of us awestrucks me.

Now imagine two months of personal meetings and one-on-ones. This is extremely exciting!


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