#1 – It All Startet With a Pot of Honey

"Imagine you're Mama-bear sitting in front of your cave and enjoying some well-deserved honey. So, what would the honey in your life be?"

An unsolvable task?

That's not an easy question. The recent years a very bad migraine has ruled my life. Between long stretches of very bad pain with all its side-effects there were hardly any normal days. Where should I find the honey in that? Besides - I live a vegan life. 😀
But my new alternative practitioner has set me this homework. And it doesn't make any sense to pay her and not deal with her tasks.

So, what would I really love to do were there no limits? A very unusual question for me at that time. That needed thinking.
Well, if there were no limits I would really love to travel through two countries where storytelling had a much more vivid history than here in Germany. Is that still the case? What can I learn from storytellers there?

A dream gets his words

Travelling through the UK for one month. A land where I always felt very welcome and at home. A place where I haven't been for too many years.
Travelling through Ireland for one month. A land that's on top of my list since my youth. A place that has called me with something close to homesickness for many years and that I still haven't reached yet.
Two countries full of very impressing storytellers. Two months that I'd love to spend meeting these colleagues, chat with them, learn from the - maybe steal a few of their secrets.
Well - that's quite a pot of honey!

But a dream is still just a dream, right?

But really now - seriously: How can that be made possible? Time? Money? Work? And and and ...

My husband, Volker, didn't know anything of my homework at that time. But on the evening of that same day I found my honeypot he asked a very similar question. Well now I had the answer ready!
I told him about my ideas and thoughts - knowing that they are impossible to become real ...
Volker had a very different view on that. He not only found the realisation not so very impossible he also found it absolutely important for me to undertake this adventure.

Well then ...

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